Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to Make Your Own Photo Boxes

I first fell in love with the wooden boxed photograph several years back while I was following the work of e.soule, a photographer of tiny objects and toys. She makes the most amazing wooden boxes for her snappy photos. Like all good things, it took me a while to perfect the technique, but now I feel like I can safely make my own photo boxes. Here is your tutorial... enjoy!!

How to Make You Own Photo Boxes

| Supplies |

Wooden box { called wooden painting panel in art supply store | I bought mine at Dick Blick, but Michael's now carries a verision }
Photograph sized to the frame { I ordered my photo for the size of the frame, which was easy since my photo was already a square shape. You could easily cut your down to be whatever size you need with an exacto knife }
Spray adhesive { photo safe | I used permanent not removable, but I think you could get away with either }
Water based dark stain { buy the tiniest container you can find }
Painters tape
Small paintbrush

| Steps |

Carefully tape off the front of the frame from the edges. Be very careful with this step and go as close to the edge as possible with the tape. Any stain that sneaks under may prevent your photo from adhering properly.

Stain the edges of the frame. Apply small amounts at a time, let sit for desired time {the longer the darker} and then wipe with a cloth. Repeat this step as much as desired to build up your stain color.

Spray the adhesive onto the back of the photograph. Proper spraying technique would be to start spraying way over each edge of the photograph so that you don't have too much adhesive on the edges.

Carefully place photo on the frame. Use brayer if needed to remove any air pockets or bubbles.

Allow to dry.


How to Make Your Own Photo Boxes

How to Make Your Own Photo Boxes

Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Make Fabric Flowers

For years I have followed the work of the fabulous Emerson Made with a slight obsession  Her country girl lifestyle. The simple classic, yet modern fashion. And of course the crazy awesome fabric flowers.

To figure out how to make these fabric flowers, I spent quite a bit of time experimenting and exploring on the web. What I discovered is that there are tons of tutorials for making all sorts of fabric flowers, but very few tutorials on how to make that particular flower.

And so I share it with you here, the best tutorial on making these fun flouncy fabric flowers. Rather than redoing the tutorial I really wanted to send you to the master mind that figured the darned thing out in the first place. So enjoy! The trick is definitely in the folding of the fabric- so look carefully at her instructions.

White Fabric Flower

White Fabric Flower

Spring Tabletop

Spring Tabletop

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Tabletop

Spring Tabletop

I'm completely obsessed with making fabric flowers. It all started with Emerson Made's fabulous fabric flowers. I've made dozens of bright pins that can be added to a simple outfit or jacket to brighten it up. Plus they also look fabulous just sitting on the table. Can't wait for spring to hatch!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Busy Crafting

Misty Sleeping

We've had a busy weekend inside the honeycomb! We've been snapping shots of all the excitment to share as well... This week we'll be posting about some DIY fabric flowers, photos of happy spring table displays, and DIY folded paper stars.