I'm a crafter, gardener, builder, quilter, and budding textile artist. I'm fueled by a passion to create things that fill my home and life with happiness and meaning.

From 2006-2009 I blogged under the Betty Ninja blog. I've missed blogging, but felt a redesign was needed.  This new blog Inside the Honeycomb seems to fit the bill!

About Quilting...

I am most definitely a modern quilter. Denyse Schmidt's first quilting book had me hooked on creating bold colorful and modern quilt patterns. I've evolved as a quilter over the years and find myself gravitating towards certain patterns and colors more lately. I'm learning more and more about scale and use of patterns in my quilts. I look back at some of my early quilts and think- ugh- how tacky-- sometimes, but I guess that is all part of the creating process- growing and refining. I find many of the following to be parts of my craft:

  • I try to buy from yard sales, thrift stores, and church rummages. It's not that I don't absolutely love the amazing array of fabric designers and fabrics out there- I do!- it's just...well cheaper for one and harder for two. If I'm forced to use part of my stash or supplement from a yard sale it forces me to consider colors and patterns that I might not have otherwise. Like I said- you will definitely see that I love designer fabrics and use them when available, it's just part of my craft I want to try to use more of what is already out there.
  • I'm not perfect. Not by any means. My quilting is haphazard, I tend to just sew over a little pucker here and there, and bindings- oh lord- don't get me started on bindings. 
  • I'm lucky if I make one quilt a month. One quilt a month is a pretty good thing in the grand scheme of things when you think about it. I just wanted to make sure I let you all know, that, well, churning out a new quilt every week or everyday, just isn't possible for me. So I hope to fill the down time with process. I came across this idea on another quilting blog recently (can't remember which one!), that showing the what and how of creating is just as important as the final product. So you will see projects as they grow not just as finished.
  • I think that is it! Thank you so much to everyone who has maintained interest in my work during these down years! I hope to fill the next year with more joy from my tiny little corner of the world!!

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