Monday, February 18, 2013

How to Make Homemade Ruffled Pillowcases

Homemade Ruffled Pillowcases

Some patterns are just too perfect to cut up into little quilted squares. Instead of using this gray printed fabric I purchased over the summer in a quilt, I decided to make ruffled pillowcases instead.

For years, I have scooped up any bit of vintage fabrics, linens, or notions at local yard sales and church rummages, but often they just sit on a shelf looking pretty. Finally I found a use for these bits of ruffles! Mixed with the right sort of fabric, ruffles don't even look too girly. Find a subtle print or pair it with something even saucier-- maybe some plaid or flannel?! That would be different!!

Homemade Ruffled Pillowcases

How to Make Homemade Ruffled Pillowcases
{makes two standard pillowcases}
{no seam allowances given | 1/4"; 1/2"; 1" They should all work well!}

| Supplies |
2 yards of fabric
roughly 2.5 yards of ruffles {mine are a vintage score}

| Steps |

Cut four | 34" x 20" | fabric squares
Cut two | 43" | ruffles
Fold one end of the fabric square back roughly 5" sew a seam for each fabric square
Sew two fabric squares together on one side lengthwise
Carefully pin the ruffles to one edge of the pillowcase { the same side you have already stitched a seam for }
Sew ruffle in place
Turn pillowcase inside out and sew each edge leaving one side { the side with the ruffles } open to turn project back right side out

Homemade Ruffled Pillowcases

Thrifted Ruffles

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